Stuck in the Murk – Chapter 1

Meet Cosima Arzhel. She has just arrived in Murkland and is trying to makes sense of these new surroundings and her seemingly unfortunate circumstances. How she came to be here will be revealed later in the chapter HERE – Interlude. Funny thing how this all started this way – when I placed Cosima onto her home lot and started playing these four “angels” were standing outside of her tent singing. It was so random and weird that the story started coming to me right away from that moment.

1 DOA chapter 1 titleDOA 1 they came to meDOA 2 come backDOA 3 i made itDOA 4 they wanderDOA 5 no one noticesDOA 6 food easy to come byDOA 7 day after dayDOA 8 try to speakDOA 9

next … Chapter 2 – Lessons of Life, Friends and Trash

One thought on “Stuck in the Murk – Chapter 1

  1. Oh yes Min. I found it. I don’t know why I didn’t see this yesterday. So now I will comment on each new post you will publish. I told you already in Facebook that I like your stories about Cosima very much.

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