Mysteries of the Murk – chapter 16

Cosima’s past, (or is it her future?) comes back around to help guide her to Murkland, before she has actually arrived here, this is getting confusing 🙂

continuum title 2020


2-6 2 don't beat around the bush2-6 3 calm down2-6 4 one day2-6 5 is this when2-6 6 chrono navigator2-6 7 seats were taken2-6 8 some miscalculations2-6 9 it doesn't hurt2--6 10 spot on2-6 11 I am right2-6 12 selfie2-6 13 creepy guy staring2-6 14 we are back2-6 15 something special2-6 16 we have a mission2-6 17 impending doom2-6 18 counting on you2-6 19 she needs you2-6 20 you will understand2-6 21 affinity2-6 22 won't let you down2-6 23 she will flourish2-6 24 talk about us2-6 25 oh look at the time2-6 26 story time2-6 27 and they are off

Take a side trip and read Tymeless Love – the tale of Tickana’s history with Wind

Or just go to chapter 17 – (pre)Determined

9 thoughts on “Mysteries of the Murk – chapter 16

      • Honestly – all the kids stuff in my story is draining me. That’s not the story I want to tell but I feel like I have to include it. Meh – I’ll be done with it soon anyway and can go back to casting blame and accusations at the Mayor!

      • I hear ya, I am having mixed feelings, but I want to play around with stuff that I have never played before. I am still refining my storyline concept to make it fit where I want to go with this. Good luck to you. We are cheering for you so hang in there.

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