Citizenship Drive – Chapter 21 (pt1)

Uh oh, what is Cosima up to? Is it a good idea to be getting into business with these Mad Mudders? She seems to be confident that it will all work out.

(some continuity challenges here – you may notice a change in the level of Murkiness in Cosima and Fuel towards the end, but I was too lazy to photoshop some dirt onto them, so ya, just use your imagination there 😉

mad as a mudder title 2020

3-4 2 at your service3-4 3 how can we assist3-4 4 don't scowl3-4 5 where were we3-4 6 all clear3-4 7 consider yourself warned3-4 8 in here3-4 9 here's the deal3-4 10 partners3-4 11 slow down3-4 12 ok3-4 13 talk business3-4 14 wanna hang3-4 15 thanks fuel3-4 16 anytime3-4 17 muscle3-4 18 i have a plan3-4 19 watching us3-4 20 i am in

this was a long one so Part 2 is HERE

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