Interlude – Tymeless Love – part 1

In this little side-track from the main story we learn a bit about Wind and Sand Vardo’s past and how Cosima and the Vardos are connected through a mutual friend.

Broken into two parts for an easier read.

1 tymeless title

2 i need advice3 win over mayor4 happy to see me5 do you need to ask6 my daughter7 whoa8 great story9 so it begins10 she arrives11 oww my back12 hello handsome13 at your service14 i was invited here15 mama makes no mistakes16 miscalculated17 now what18 you will stay here19 only 1 bed20 you can have the bed21 make yourself at home22 i serenaded her23 stayed up all night24 charmed25 making breakfast26 more violin27 naked bliss28to be continued

Read Part 2 of Tymeless Love HERE

Credit notes: The home lot used here is Brennachan’s The Wagon of Windenburg

4 thoughts on “Interlude – Tymeless Love – part 1

      • Yup – I know. And then there’s the other one… “Did I say too much in my comment – will I have spoiled it all with my enthusiasm?” 😛

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