Guitar Hero – A Murky Interlude – Part 1

Veegan helped Cosima build a guitar since she had said that she had always wanted to learn to play, and he thought she could make some money on the side too. At his suggestion she ventured over to Nukecrest to meet Fred, who was to be her guitar teacher. He came highly recommended by Veegan.

GH 1 titleGH 2 sketchyGH 3 knockGH 4 this place is greatGH 5 what else is in hereGH 6 fire warmGH 7 gardening lessonsGH 8 seriouslyGH 9 fred arrivesGH 10 the fred bittGh 11 i was paintingGH 12 i'm flatteredGH 13 how did you get hereGH 14 the world changedGH 15 too busy to figure it outGH 16 i like it betterGH 17 played for himGH 18 gotta go

Next… Guitar Hero Part 2

7 thoughts on “Guitar Hero – A Murky Interlude – Part 1

  1. Oh yes!!! This is Fred! ❤ You nailed it with his personality 🙂
    Thanks for the laughs. I am off to read the next!

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