Interlude #1 – Cosima’s “The Before”‘

Cosima has a story to tell about her life in her own version of “The Before” and it’s a long one (70 easy to read slides)

1 the Before 2 ready for today3 i wrote it down4 a good crowd5 APC6 clones7 aliens8 and robots9 small quarters10 eating at stations11 always serious12 dad laughs13 i had duties14 mineral samples15 wildlife monitored16 plantlife17 run in the valley18 pranks19 buzz20 communication station21 signals22 mom cosmonaught23 excited to see her24 exciting tales25 scary happenings26 off again27 vigil28 birds and bees29 i want to go30 bjork agrees31 cosmic consequence32 must learn more33 what do I need to know34 aliens watching35 5 ps36 apocalypse37 telling the tale38 bad things39 speak privately40 now I know41 it is looking bad42 changes have begun43 neeru is worried44 what is going on45 hmmm lets see46 within parameters47 no longer exsist48 this can't be49 in denial50 call the time travelers51 we know more52 adventures in store53 trust me54 not feeling it55 a dream56 crater57 can't stop me58 sun not hot59 burry60 alien devices61 water62 waterline63 false horizon64 they came again65 come with us66 back into tent67 earthquake68 gone69 craters70 the road71 questions

Credits and notes: I have to disclose that several Sims that show up in this flashback story are CAS edits of exsisting Murkland Sims. I admit, I did it because it was the easiest way to get on with the story photos because they were in my game already and were showing up in and around the Science Lab (from Get to Work). In order of appearance:

  • The Clones Bjorn and Bjork – no edits made, these are Brennachan’s Clone Drones
  • Cosima’s Father – edit of  Brennachan’s Dr. George Wonder
  • Cosima’s Mother – edit of Willow Creek the Freegan
  • NeeRu – my own creation
  • Time Travelers (later named Tic and Toc Tyme) – edits of Veegan and Brennachan the Freegans

Head back to the main track with Chapter 11 – Who are the Vardos?

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