A Very Vardo Adventure – part 2

Part two takes Mount and Snow along the riverside vardo trail to the Hollows.

vvA pt 2 title

21 dream walk with text
22 police station
23 little girl
24 everyone gone
25 police gone too
26 restaurant was abuzz
27 vampire bar
28 time to eat
29 please
30 left the vardo
31 bridge
32 fallen lamps
33 empty
34 hugs
35 trailer park
36 find zombies
37 noises
38 magic man Ollivian
39 olivian
40 end of the world
41 electric company
42 the source
43 get out of here
Doree is a child version of the original Doree from Murkland created by Brennachan.
Ollivian Dhotrix is by XSorcier in the gallery HERE

read part 3 HERE

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