Chapter 25 – Fun and Games

Since becoming an official Murkland citizen, or Salamander, Cosima has been setting up her next plan to make Murkland a better place for everyone. Chapters 25-29 are the prelude to beginning the actual steps of the challenge which begin in Chapter 30. Jump to that HERE if you prefer.

If you are new to this story and want to go back to the beginning the index is HERE or read the Murkland Starter Challenge Synopsis for a summary of her first adventure HERE

0 All fun and games until someone...
1 hey scab how are you enjoying...
2 do you wanna play a game
3 sure why not , yay
4 this wasnt what I had in mind
5 what are you afraid of
6 i am a mudder we are not afraid
7 oh it looks like rain I should leave
8 oh no you don't
9 ha ha you missed
10 too fast cuz I walk like an Egyptian
11 that makes no sense
12 now you are in trouble
13 not even close
14 hey I want in too
15 I'll get her
16 you do it like this
17 damn
18 nice one
19 defeated

Next.. read Chapter 26 – Planning the Plan

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