A Very Vardo Adventure – part 4

Mount and Snow continues his adventure in some very scary territory – Death Mask Valley as it is now called, has been plagued by a virus of some sort, though his only purpose is to save any children that need saving.

If you are not caught up then start with part one of this side track storyline. HERE

58 pt 4 title59 somewhere for food60 welcome61 huge mac and cheese62 jeep tells a tale63 feeding the hungry64 death mask valley65 i had to try66 they would be safe67 disturbing haze words68 it was true69 fumes70 had to get out71 camp72 warning you73 here for the boy74 pookey75 take him to safety76 we were off


Crayg and his dog are Mhylaba household by ElderJymm HERE
My lot is Mobile Soup Kitchen
Nocturnal’s amazing apocalyptic lot (that I can’t find in my gallery search now)
BrennaChan‘s Death Mask Valley lot and sim (fish factory and Dystopian Daze)
Longface and Glasseye by SushiMarilyn – in the gallery HERE
Burp for Murkland by EuphorialQueen- in the gallery HERE
Brenny by FredBrenny – in the gallery HERE
Pookey – teen version, by Brennachan

Part 5 – HERE


3 thoughts on “A Very Vardo Adventure – part 4

    • thank you. I write with myself in mind, to keep me being creative and to get the ideas out of my head, so knowing that others might actually enjoy it too makes me smile.

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