A Very Vardo Adventure – part 6

Mount and Snow and his growing band of stray orphans are getting ever closer to home, but he had to stop at Newcrest  Nukecrest to check in on an old buddy.

93 part 694 look about95 not good96 whats inside97 introducing Enoch98 would you join us99 girls100 apology101 yes there are girls102 come back103 hmm on second thought104 deal105 found scruffy106 happy to see you107 meet pookey108 waaay back109 update110 stay in nukecrest111 he's in112 dont get critical113 atomic chili114 we got this


Enoch (Child) is the aged down version of Enoch Von Allen by XSorcier (he will show up again later in his true form as created) Find him HERE in the gallery.

Scruffy and his Atomic Chili are the creations of Pallystyle in the gallery HERE

Oh and The Green Camp also by Pallystyle HERE

Part 7, the final chapter of A Very Vardo Adventure is HERE

If you are not caught up on the Very Vardo Adventure side story then find Part 1 HERE

5 thoughts on “A Very Vardo Adventure – part 6

  1. Aaw – the memories. Many a Murkland date has taken place at Scruffy’s Atomic Chili in my game – because you know, it’s not safe at that Puffer Dome place… (Sssh – you didn’t hear it from me!) 😀

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