Vardo Family Tree

The Vardo Brothers were created as original Murkland characters by BrennaChan, the creator of the Murkland Challenges. Now, the family is expanding and hard to keep up with so here they are as documented by Ocean and Sand Vardo-Tyme, daughter of Wind and Sand Vardo.  In time I will add links to where in the storylines you can find them.

1 Vardo Tree header
2 Vardo Family History
3 Mount and Sea info
Follow Mount and Snow on his apocalyptic adventure – a Murkland history of sorts – HERE
4 Vardo Brothers
The Vardo Brothers are in the story from the very start – HERE
Learn more about Wind and Tickana in a story HERE
6 Ocean and Quantum siblings
See how they started their life in the story of their parents – HERE
7 Tickana and Tockeshi
We first meet the Tyme Twins in Cosima’s backstory – HERE

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