Banished Burg – The Vardo Lowlands

As of this initial posting, August 2020, there is still much to be added in this vast region as it has many inhabitants who play key roles in the Murkland storyline so.. here is a start.

1 Banished Burg header
3 Vardo Lowlands
Follow Mount and Snow on his apocalyptic adventure – a Murkland history of sorts – HERE

4 The Wagon of WindenburgLot: Wagon of Windenburg by Brennachan

5 Caravan HuckleberryLot: Caravan Huckleberry by Brennachan

6 Alfie and BoromirSim: Alfie Greenleaf and Boromir by anchesenamon    Lot: Herbalist’s Hut by Brennachan

7 Professor AngstSim: Professor Angst by EuphorialQueen    Lot: Riverside Retreat in GF by Brennachan

Much more to come here – I am separating each area in Banished Burg so that each page doesn’t get rediculously long. Still to come here are the main Vardo family households and lots (2 more to add here)

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