Chili Cookoff – Round 1

See the fun during their preparations HERE

Both Scruffy and Scruffy’s Atomic Chili are the creation of PallyStyle on the Sims 4 Gallery, or by using the hashtag #Murkland

Majo Mud is the creation of Brennachan – creator of Murkland

Enjoying this silly fun? Check out ROUND TWO HERE

8 thoughts on “Chili Cookoff – Round 1

  1. Brenna didn’t look too comfortable and neither did the jack-o-lantern behind her. I voted for a meat free chili.
    It’ll be interesting to see what Crayg has up his magical sleeve. –ElderJymm

  2. I went for the meat-free chilli too – but it was a tough choice & in the end I went for the one I’d have chosen (as a vegetarian). x Really fun story, awesome pics! x

    • thank you. I am having fun with this. Goals – showcase creations/sims/lots of Murklanders, and to get the community involved. I hope to keep it going long enough to have people enter their own contenders.

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