Eddy’s Flophouse and Studios

Created for #Ninni80s challenge by Ninnster00 – this build contains numerous references to my own 80s life memories that won’t make sense, but it was so fun to build.

Find Eddy in my gallery HERE
see more of Eddy in his Lookbook HERE
Find this lot on my gallery HERE

Please note that this lot is mostly for show in the state it is in now. There is a lot of clutter and objects that probably won’t work for gameplay without some adjusting, but it could make a great backdrop or set design. With a bit of cleanup it could be something even more. Have fun with it.

CLICK on the PICTURES and scroll through in full size to get the best view.

4 thoughts on “Eddy’s Flophouse and Studios

  1. A perfect residence for an aged rock star 😂
    Why go into small things like cleanup? The world is waiting and there is no time to waste 😎

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