The Truth About Monsters

This story was created within the Murkland universe of stories in my head, but moved forward as a submission to the Monthly Sim Lit challenge hosted by LisabeeSims

This is just a bonus. It is not part of the story, but was a poem shared in my writing workshop that got me thinking and did inspire parts of this story and the build I made for it.

20 thoughts on “The Truth About Monsters

  1. I liked that you used all monsters in your universe. A lot of times in the “not all monsters are monsters” type of story it’s humans having to learn the lesson through monsters they befriend. This works much better in a real life sort of metaphor as we’re all humans some good, some bad, some in-between. Just a good look at how even people who are looked down on can still looked down on those they perceive as beneath them. Also, I loved your build, and the contrast from the cold blue of the above ground and the warmth of Daze’s refuge.

  2. Cute! I’m digging the names here: Dystopian Daze? Burp? BURP?! That’s one I wish I’d come up with, it’s that good. A phrase popped into my head this morning in the shower: “the kids called him Skidmark, but he didn’t own a car.” It fits better in your story than mine, I think. Bahaha.

    But my favorite thing here was the visuals. A Piscine Plasma Packaging Plant constructed out of various bits and bobs from around the game? Clever and extremely creative!

    • LOl I didn’t come up with those names so can’t take credit there. Brenna made Daze and the late Euphorial Queen created Burp. He makes me smile. Thank you so much for the read and comments. My creativity is keeping me sane these days.

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