Story Showcase – Nova Park

All images are the art of Nova Park. I take no credit for any images on this page.
There are so many things I want to say about this story series that I am currently hooked on, but I’ll keep it short and let you decide when you go to check it out for yourself.

Simtography – the art of photography and editing used for this story was probably the first thing that caught my attention before I even started to read the stories. Eye-catching views, interesting angles and perspectives, the use of colour and lighting to convey the scene’s atmosphere and intent is brilliant.
Characters and character development – I love the style of Sims in these stories. Each with their own unique flair. This is Ollie, in my eyes the star of the show; ya I am sure I am not the only one who has a sim-crush on this one. But that aside, the expressions, poses and details bring each character to life.
Set Design – this is something that I pay a lot of attention to. No detail is left out in any of the scenes. Every detail is in place, every set is full and realistic (within the context of the story and that this is in the Sims game)
Soundtrack – can you believe that there is even a soundtrack? Don’t miss out on this aspect as the songs in the links definitely add to the depth of the story and ambiance.
Some examples of what to expect: The Killers, Elle King, The Black Keys, Shakey Graves and so much more.
Storyline and Plot – I personally find the plot very compelling. It draws me in and I can’t wait to read more. There are many characters and storylines to follow, so it could take a second read to get your head around some of the complexities and subtleties, but that second read for me was even better than the first time around.

Contrary to the light and silly nature of my own storylines and themes, it should be noted that this series involves mature themes and language. I recognize that this is not for everyone so take note before reading.

Chrono Links for REM on Tumblr HERE

More storylines by Nova Park Index HERE

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