Simon Says #1 Grilled Cheese

PART ONE – Grilled Cheese on Fire
click on the pic to enlarge for easier reading
Other than controlling Crystaline’s needed actions, I let her do her thing when she would go off on her own.

PART TWO – A Really Out-of-this-World Plan

PART THREE – Muenster Maniac

PART FOUR – Retreat to the Tropics

Voila! Achievement Won.

10 thoughts on “Simon Says #1 Grilled Cheese

  1. This was really tragic fun. I have never experienced so many stove fires in my game 😮😅
    I hope she soon improves her cooking skills.

    I love your picture of Crystalline looking at you. My Sims do that too if they do not agree with my “puppetry”. It’s hilarious! 😂

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