Evergreen Brickworks

Created for the world rebuild collab coordinated by HufflePom where each world has a different theme. Brickworks is for Evergreen Harbour on the Quarry site and will be a community space that will evolve with each venue type along the way so be sure to watch it grow. Also, learn about the real Evergreen Brickworks at the end of these images; it is a real place in Toronto.

Download Links at the bottom or find them in my Sims4 Gallery ID Minraed

This basic community space has trash bins and recycling, a BBQ and a place for a couple of squatters, but not much more. There is plenty of space to play with to make it your own, or just keep adding each additional space and watch it evolve.
Phase 2 of the lot has some spaces cleaned up a bit. Public toilets have been added, extensive community garden space, beer garden (not functional in this format, but lot could be converted as a restaurant), and a community kitchen.
There are just a few additions for the Marketplace – an assortment of stalls, a busker’s area and food vendors were added.
The final phase is complete.
Added or changed now to include: Urban Art Gallery, Maker’s Workshop and a Bicycle repair shop. The community kitchen has been changed to a Micro-Fizz Brewery to help raise money to keep the project going.
Community Garden, Marketplace and other features still remain so it is a truly multi-functional lot that could be used for all Community Lot types or as a stand alone lot.
I had not shown you the squatter’s space in the attic. Yes even the rich and famous have been hit hard by this apocalypse and they are not impressed with the living conditions.
This is Evergreen Brickworks in Toronto.
Click the pic to visit the website to learn more.

Download them HERE in my Gallery under ID Minraed
Evergreen Brickworks Base
Brickworks Garden
Brickworks Marketplace
Brickworks Maker Space

To cheat the lot and turn it into the venue type you want shift+click on the community board and you can Instantly Enact Community Lot Project to that of your choice.

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