Angel Bailey-Moon

Millie was created for Oneyeka001  weekly CAS challenge – find details HERE
For this round, Plumbobber10, we were tasked with creating a sim from the offspring of two other Plumbobber Sims from previous rounds.

This beautiful lot was used for the backdrop.

5 thoughts on “Angel Bailey-Moon

  1. This is great! I love to see everyone’s different takes on how their Plumbobber10 sim came to be & whose sims they used as parents. We used the same sims as parents but had completely different concepts for the creation & raising of their child! So cool! ❤️

    • Thanks. It is so fun. I guess Angelfin Freshwater has more secrets than even I know about. I also noticed there was another sim last name Fresh, so Fresh – Freshwater would have been a tragic name to be born with.

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