Chef Barnacle

This soon to be Celebrity Chef is an executive chef with fully maxed cooking and gourmet skills, but nothing else. He’s a hot head, but also a big bear who loves to laugh and loves to love (he is a hopeless romantic and an amazing chef; what a great pairing)
You can find the Buckled Boot Pub in my gallery too.

7 thoughts on “Chef Barnacle

  1. You always make some very cool types.
    I love your Chef 💖

    NB: I look forward to taking a closer look at The Buckled Boot.
    I can always use a new bar or restaurant in my game.

    • Thanks. I just took a random roll and went with it and I LOVE him, he has so much personality somehow. If it were not for you I don’t think I would ever be having this much fun in CAS

    • oh and, I sadly have to kill him to make him into a ghost for the official purpose of the project so we will will have this mortal form at least. I always feel bad making ghosts.

      • Yeah – I don’t enjoy killing my Sims either but I tak comfort in knowing that Sim-ghosts seem to have very fun and quirky lives for the most part 😀

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