Dorian Jagger

Dorian was created for #GLovelyQCC challenge – Quick Creativity CAS challenge – Sims books theme.
She is available in my gallery under ID Minraed or #GLovelyQCC – Sulani Summer Vacation (with a twist)

Follow GLovely on Twitter @lovely1_g , but the official challenge is hosted in the Sims forums HERE –  Quick Creativity CAS Challenge  GLovelysQCC — The Sims Forums

Dorian is a notorious, but loveable rogue. He takes no sides and he isn’t afraid to play the part, fake his loyalties, or anything else to make a few credits. So how is it that a galactic privateer ends up here in his home town of Sulani?

He wasn’t uninitiated when it came to suspicious “legitimate” jobs, but this time he let his guard down and found himself in a bit of trouble when one faction’s mole dragged him down.

Returning to Sulani isn’t a permanent solution, but it definitely isn’t the first place his pursuers will be looking for him. In the meantime he is just enjoying the vacation time and making like a local to blend in.

Sadly, every vacation comes to an end and with every day he lingers the chances of being found increase. But not to worry because Dorian has a plan. He knows of a place that he can go to lay low and no one will ever look for him. He has purchased some farmland in Bagley so once again he pivots, takes on the persona of a friendly, simple-living farmer and is ready for his next adventure. Who knows, chicken farming and a simpler life may be exactly what he is looking for. If not, well at least he has a hideaway to run to when he needs to lay low.

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