Saturday/Sunday, Aug. 14-15

Saturday and Sunday were tied together with the theme of HOT that aligns with the Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenge. Find out more if you would be interested in joining this month with your short story.

If you can use the word “febrile” in your story, a new Sim in CAS, or micro-simlit (a single image with a few lines of text that tell a story) then tag me and use #minraedminis as the hashtag.
Keep scrolling for the prompts and inspirations shared over the two weekend streams.

Saturday’s spin of inspiration wheel…

Today’s creative spark came from using the first submission for the HOT #minraedminis, Lady Valentina and the home that I gave her in stream today.

words that either mean hot or are used to describe hot in metaphorical ways maybe helpful

Then continued on Sunday…

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