It’s HOT

Created for the Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenge
More info can be found HERE

I was very much inspired by the two days in my Twitch stream where we discussed many variations of the HOT theme. Also… you have to know about these amazing pets meticulously hand painted by Pugowned.

20 thoughts on “It’s HOT

    • I am so happy to hear that. Be sure to pop over to the link of the story of the parents. The Fool and the Frog was another one I was very proud of , but now I have even more lore of these people’s that I want to explore more.

  1. This tale reads and looks like a story you’d read to kids at bedtime. I love the different animals and noticed none of the sims were humans (we caused it and paid for it I guess?) But I liked that it was non-humans coming together. It was kinda sad that others would have to clean up our mess, but also had a good message of what can be accomplished when people (anyone) comes together to do good. We had the same idea of expanding a previous story. It’s loads of fun! Great job, Minraed!

    • Thank you so much for this detailed note. I means a lot. Not that I expect it of everyone, but it demonstrates to me that my message got across. There was more to the story as I wrote it, but time got the better of me. The female sim is a plant sim, I had another strange wonderful not entirely human sim planned too, as well as more animals to give more of the Noah’s Arc. I was also inspired by the show/book Sweet Tooth and how it was said that they would save the world. But yes, my main goal was to come across like a bedtime story for kids.

  2. I think you got a really unusual idea for a story, especially all the animals – and they look amazing! It’s also interesting to view your shots now that you’ve showed us in the streams how you make them 🙂

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