Murktober Kickoff


I will take photos of my food and drink to share here. In the meantime you can check out the recipes if you want to join along. There will be a space in the discord to share your concoctions.

Food of Murky Origin
Black Mac – a secret Mad Mud recipe exclusive only to Murklanders HERE
Mad Mud’s Cheesy Eyeballs – HERE
More fun ideas can be found HERE if you want to make your own snacks.

I will share my cocktail recipes once I get them finalized.
Mad Mudder – gin and pink grapefruit something
Murky Mahem – gin and ginger with a special twist
Stuck in the Murk – pear vodka based something
Bloody Bellini – recipe HERE

Mocktails as a special shout out to Brennachan
Salamander Sal – I recommend this one HERE or any green mocktail
Banished Bellini – recipe HERE except use lemon, berry or other bubbly water flavour in place of procesco

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