Finnegan the Fortuitous

Created for the Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenges hosted by Lisabeesims. We are a little story telling community that would love to see new writers joining in. Get more info and read all of the other stories HERE.

8 thoughts on “Finnegan the Fortuitous

  1. I liked the detail of him being a foodie and knowing the good places. I also liked his plans of opening a shop. He is very lucky to have some long term dreams to work towards. It’s not always easy to keep those in mind.

    • I am using him for a dumpster diving challenge so his story is coming together based on that. More adventures ahead for Finnegan. he is one of my fave sims right now. and thank you

  2. Love the hat he’s rocking—thematic and great for sun protection. I guess he’s nacho average Sim. (And I hope he finds some corn & oil so he can make masa flour, then tortillas, then tortilla chips from scratch.)

    By the way, the message shone through even before the disclaimer at the end! It’s a good one, too.

  3. I love your recurring themes of community-building and rehabilitation after disaster. Always hopeful and touching! Also, I may have said this before, but the composition of your screenshots is gorgeous!

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