Created for the Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenges hosted by Lisabeesims. We are a little story telling community that would love to see new writers joining in. Get more info and read the other stories at the end of the month HERE.
There is usually a readers choice poll that I will link and encourage reading all of the submissions.

November Prompts

Descriptive Writing
Inspired by this image, in any way that catches your imagination, write a short paragraph that uses descriptive language including emotion, senses, metaphor and more.
I was introduced to the concept called Blackout Poetry by Firefly Creative Writing.
Give it a try.
From the journal book Let that Shit Go by Monica Sweeney

November 2021 – Stream Diaries

Ice Cold as a writing prompt does not have to be taken literally. There are many metaphors, analogies and other forms of introducing this prompt into a story, set or creation of a sim. Share yours with #minraedminis in the gallery or by sharing with me in a message where ever you find me on social media.

A tiny cautionary tale written in stream and set in Wintermare.

Finnegan Fritz

Created for #GLovelysQCC for the alliteration theme CAS challenge, and also as the starring sim in a new gameplay challenge I am about to embark on. It is a Dumpster to Riches challenge created by SammieForever88

Finnegan is available in my gallery ID Minraed