Lucretia Ledbetter

Lucretia and her little story below (keep scrolling after the lookbook) was created for #GLovelyQCC challenge – Quick Creativity CAS challenge – steampunk theme. Lucretia is available in my gallery under ID Minraed or #GLovelyQCC

I follow her on Twitter @lovely1_g , but the official challenge is hosted in the Sims forums HERE – 💜 Quick Creativity CAS Challenge 💜 GLovelysQCC — The Sims Forums

Chef Barnacle

This soon to be Celebrity Chef is an executive chef with fully maxed cooking and gourmet skills, but nothing else. He’s a hot head, but also a big bear who loves to laugh and loves to love (he is a hopeless romantic and an amazing chef; what a great pairing)
You can find the Buckled Boot Pub in my gallery too.


Two builds created for Murkspiration Snowpocalypse.
Both are available in my EA Gallery – ID: Minraed

Off the grid. Hidden tent in the cave is functional. This could be a great lot for a survival or homeless challenge.

Fits all needs to function as an Onsen Bathhouse

Murkland Chili Cookoff

We captured the first two contenders while they prepared for the first round HERE
Round One Chili Tasting Party and Winner HERE

Community Challenge – SueSimming entered two sims to compete against the champion, but one of them must go up against another chef entry so first they compete.