Simon Says #3 – Snaggle Fluster

I am having so much fun with these. I am learning many aspects of the gameplay that I have never explored before.

Crispin Aquilo – During

Part 2 of Crispin’s Snowpocalypse Adventure
Read part 1 first HERE
Due to poor planning on my part I started with the idea of using this lot by Michele for a backdrop for Bogey’s scenes, but got carried away and ended up with the lot I now have. I will share it soon, but it is marked as originally by Michele so it is worth noting my original inspiration. HERE in the gallery

Tame Your Mane

There are two versions in my gallery.
Original is flagged as CC because I had my sim take photos and I used them on the walls for barbershop style examples, but they are not actually CC so select CC option in the gallery if you want this version.
I will share the barbershop photos in a separate room to use in your game.
The version 2 does not contain these photos.
It can also be used as a general backdrop or set design.