Supporting Roles

You can expect to see a number of supporting roles and other random characters showing up in short stories and various Murkland-related tangent storylines. Many of these were originally created by other Simmers so be sure to notice the credits.

Scruffy bio info Read about Scruffy’s new Murk B&B property HERE

Scruffy is the creation of Mazey Garten aka PallyStyle HERE in the Sims4 Gallery

Castaway Todd Bio Castaway Todd was created by me, and is inspired by my husband. You can find him by the name Castaway Todd or under my ID MinraedArzhel in the Sims 4 Gallery.

Created for my submission to one of the Monthly Simlit Short Story challenges hosted by Lisabee Sims, and you can read that short story HERE.

Cosima’s Community Consortium

Cosima has brought together a variety of Murklanders to represent their tribes in a community consortium that will work together to make Murkland a better place for all!

Read Cosima’s Community Consortium storyline HERE

Fred Brit Biocredit: Fred Bitt was originally created by Frederique (aka Freddie)

Uma portrait text Uma and the Infected were created by Brennachan – creator of Murkland

Mad Mud bio Mad Mud was created by Brennachan – creator of Murkland

Cade bio Cade Mobley was created by myself as a makeover from a random townie

Brenna Bio Brenna Freegan was created by Brennachan – creator of Murkland