A Very Vardo Adventure – part 5

Mount and Snow is making his way closer to home. He has to pass through the University town of Britechester on the route so is hoping to find a few more survivors in need of a home.

77 part 5 cover78 welcome back79 magical touch ups80 Pookey will stay81 be brave82 abandoned of course83 something moving inside84 jump the fence85 infected students86 get out of my lab87 locked inside88 quarantine pods89 they are safe90 tell the tale91 take the girls92 pep talk

New characters in this part are all by Brennachan, the creator of Murkland. Autumn and Willow Freegan and Uma and the Infected.

The FAB-TASTIC! Apartments: Secret Lab by AimBotwin was used for the lab scene. Find it in the gallery – HERE.

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A Very Vardo Adventure – part 3

Mount and Snow Vardo (father to the known and loved Vardo brothers of Murkland) continues his adventures rescuing lost children along the way apparently. Part 3 takes him and his first ward, Doree, through what was once known as Willow Creek, but is now something very different.

44 A part 3 title44 empty45 druid and dog46 alfie the druid47 calamity48 paranoid guy49 he was mean50 rugged man51 rugged man crying52 more children53 doree leads54 fast friends55 Murky hugs56 babysitting druid57 tree57 watchers

I need to properly credit the creators of the sims and the lots and poses used, this is coming soon. I promise because I want you all to know who these amazing creators are.


part 4 is HERE

Interlude: Tymeless Love – part 2

Part two of the side story revealing a bit more about Wind and Sand Vardo’s past and his connection with Cosima. Featuring his adorable baby girl, his light and dream, Ocean and Sand. (The inspiration for the name came from my wanting to name her after both parents in some way. Ocean for Tics favorite colour and the quote from one Dracula movie “I have crossed oceans of time for you” and the saying “Sands of Time”.)

28 b29 we are pregnant30 chi and dreams31 mama in dreams32 time to move33 just in time34 not much time35 baby girl36 cannot separate37 telling stories38 no book stories39 why dwess40 dada diper41 why swim on grass42 another on the way43 quantum44 so different45 cry about dresses46 so embarassing47 i love it48 bye49 i have to go too50 hug51 all in time

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Credit notes: The home lot used here is Brennachan’s Caravan Huckleberry