I have been very interested in dabbling in micro-fiction, a form of very short flash fiction. This month I wanted to challenge myself to write a story in 100 words, and it is exactly 100 words. Very few words intended to get across a very big message. After the little story I have written a few words if you care to read more about me.

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Fae girl – by Lukaswut no CC in the gallery. Inveigling male sim CC creation by Fredbrenny at TSR.
Lot – Fungi Farmhouse by myself, Minraed.

This teeny tiny story was my way of getting something out of my head. A struggle I have had of late. It is a common theme in my life. With much effort I have, and still am, working towards being a better person. I believe that this better person has always been inside of me, but genetics, mental health, environment, society and other factors have made it difficult to find her sometimes. What I have learned about myself is that my own unfair and uncontrolled anger, reactivity and outbursts don’t serve me well. Meddling in other people’s business doesn’t serve me well. And while it is very difficult to not let other people’s views and experiences get into my head and sway my own opinions, I feel it is very important for me to give a person a chance, to let them tell their story as I would hope they would listen to mine when I have done something perceived as offensive. I won’t always agree with another’s views, but I try to respect them. Sometimes, truth be told, I can’t respect the opinion or action, but at least I have taken the time to listen. For me this is important. While I cannot promise to agree with you, or that we will be compatible in all things, I do try my hardest to be both accountable and respectful. If we are not able to resolve a difference, at least I hope that we can walk away with some sense of understanding of one another.

There is much more to this discussion. It is a deeply rooted one for many of us, and if you ever felt so inclined I am happy to talk about my philosophies on the subject, and to hear yours.

November Prompts

Descriptive Writing
Inspired by this image, in any way that catches your imagination, write a short paragraph that uses descriptive language including emotion, senses, metaphor and more.
I was introduced to the concept called Blackout Poetry by Firefly Creative Writing.
Give it a try.
From the journal book Let that Shit Go by Monica Sweeney

November 2021 – Stream Diaries

Ice Cold as a writing prompt does not have to be taken literally. There are many metaphors, analogies and other forms of introducing this prompt into a story, set or creation of a sim. Share yours with #minraedminis in the gallery or by sharing with me in a message where ever you find me on social media.

A tiny cautionary tale written in stream and set in Wintermare.

Finnegan Fritz

Created for #GLovelysQCC for the alliteration theme CAS challenge, and also as the starring sim in a new gameplay challenge I am about to embark on. It is a Dumpster to Riches challenge created by SammieForever88

Finnegan is available in my gallery ID Minraed