Credits and Stuff

Murkland The Challenge

Murkland is the brainchild of Brennachan. Find her profile HERE on The Sims Forums.  If you want to know more or if you want to join in here are some helpful links:

The Sims Forums: Post Apocalyptic Murkland – The Starter Challenge
Facebook: Murkland – Closed Group (request to join)

I have customized most of the Murkland Sims, but the original “natives” of Murkland are created by Brennachan and you can find them, along with all of the builds and lots in her Sims 4 gallery so I won’t link each one here.

Murkland Extras

Come back later and I will have a list of links and credits for prominent lots, sims and CC used in my Murkland storylines.

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