What is Murkland?

Murkland is the brainchild of Brennachan. Find her profile HERE on The Sims Forums.  If you want to know more or if you want to join in here are some helpful links:

The Sims Forums
Post Apocalyptic Murkland – The Starter Challenge
you can find details of the challenge and all relevant links to lots and sims on that forum page

Murkland – Closed Group (request to join)

Twitter too!
We don’t have an official Twitter account, but you can get our attention with the hashtag #murkland or by @BrennachanSims and @MinraedArzhel

Once every 2 months a new Murkspiration challenge is introduced. These are meant to inspire your Murkland, post-apocalypse, abandoned and other related gameplay. Come and join us by following @Brennachan on Twitter or joining our Facebook group to be alerted on the current challenge.

We are a small group, but we have lots of laughs sharing murkspiration, helping each other out and as a place to share your murky creativity. Our community isn’t just about the Murkland challenge; we also encourage the use of Murkland as a sandbox for your own stories and builds. We are open to related Sims themes that are murky or dystopian in nature, but it is not all doom and gloom as you will see when you join us.

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