Murkland Side Tracks and Interludes

Every so often the Murkland storyline takes me in weird and wonderful directions creatively; unusual happenings, back stories and other distractions. These short stories fit into my main Murkland story progression, and are linked accordingly in the table of contents, but they can also be read in any order so I have collected them here for easy reference.

 Interlude: Cosima’s Tale of “The Before”
Who was Cosima before Murkland, and how did she end up here?

Side Track: A Really Weird Night
This really has nothing to do with Cosima’s Chronicles, but I was amused so I dropped it in here.

Interlude: Tymeless Love
A backstory of Wind and Sand Vardo and Tic (Tickana) Tyme. There is a connection between these two and Cosima so this back story is helpful.

Interlude: Guitar Hero
Cosima meets Fred Bitt, indie musician from “the before” who also, she proclaims, was her Guitar Hero and is the reason she always wanted to play guitar.