It’s HOT

Created for the Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenge
More info can be found HERE

I was very much inspired by the two days in my Twitch stream where we discussed many variations of the HOT theme. Also… you have to know about these amazing pets meticulously hand painted by Pugowned.

Saturday/Sunday, Aug 21-22

“I am your dwarf. I am the enemy within. I am the boss of your dreams. See. Your hand shakes. It is not palsy or booze. It is your doppelganger trying to get out. Beware.” Anne Sexton

“They say that when you meet somebody that looks just like you, you die.” P. Wish

Today’s writing prompt spins… above and below.

Sending out well wishes to Mena and her husband today. xo

Sentence Stems for Writing Warmup

If I had a doppelganger I would get them to…

My alternate universe/reality doppelganger would be…

Today’s spin was a Believe Card

Goth Family post apocalyptic doppelganger micro story panels will post soon.

Saturday/Sunday, Aug. 14-15

Saturday and Sunday were tied together with the theme of HOT that aligns with the Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenge. Find out more if you would be interested in joining this month with your short story.

If you can use the word “febrile” in your story, a new Sim in CAS, or micro-simlit (a single image with a few lines of text that tell a story) then tag me and use #minraedminis as the hashtag.
Keep scrolling for the prompts and inspirations shared over the two weekend streams.

Saturday’s spin of inspiration wheel…

Today’s creative spark came from using the first submission for the HOT #minraedminis, Lady Valentina and the home that I gave her in stream today.

words that either mean hot or are used to describe hot in metaphorical ways maybe helpful

Then continued on Sunday…

Dial M for Mudder

Created for the Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenge hosted by LisabeeSims HERE
When it comes time to vote please read all of the stories submitted before voting.
Credits and notes at the end of the story.
(oh the glaring spelling mistakes I didn’t catch during proof reading, ug)
I recently watched the show Behind Her Eyes, which also inspired bits of this.