Fruita Vegerie

Thank you to everyone who dropped by my first Twitch stream. We got to know each other and played around with the Plumbobber app (link below). This is the little story I came up with for the Sim I created with the community of viewers pitching in. Feel free to give it a try yourself.

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My goal is to stream on Sundays 10 am EST and whenever else I can fit it in.

Three of Three

It all started with One and Two, read more about them HERE.
The original two decided to do a cloning experiment of their own and now they are Three.
Three was inspired as an addition to be submitted to the #neoshuno challenge hosted by LeaMorgana.
Find LeaMorganna (two n’s) on the gallery.
Also of significant note is that LeaMorgana streams on Twitch; Sims 4, a few other games, and is a master of the craft of Drag so if you are lucky you will catch a little drag show when you drop in.
LeaMorgana – Twitch

Margot Kafara

Margo was created for Oneyeka001  weekly CAS challenge – find details HERE
Find more of this week’s creations with #plumbobber14 in the gallery

In addition to this week’s plumbobber Sim, there will be a story tied to this as my entry for March’s
Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenge – click for more info
and one set design Tiny Underground Theatre will be my entry for #smchallenge27

click the pic for the story