Sat/Sun, Sept. 18+19

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Sunday’s flash fiction read was this one from @reflexfiction on Twitter
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Wheel spin both days drew the Edison Deck journal prompts.

The highlight this weekend is the three CAS submissions who will star in our community created stories that are posted below.

And last but not least here are three videos that came up in discussion, just for fun.

It’s HOT

Created for the Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenge
More info can be found HERE

I was very much inspired by the two days in my Twitch stream where we discussed many variations of the HOT theme. Also… you have to know about these amazing pets meticulously hand painted by Pugowned.

Saturday/Sunday Aug 28-29

Below is an example for inspiration.

Peapod created a fabulous little art class and took this photo.

A few list prompts to get you thinking about academic themes and get ideas for writing:
The idea of lists is to start to focus on a theme and look for what sparks your writer’s imagination.

List things you would like to learn about or learn to do

List things that you are proud of yourself for having learned

List your favourite subjects or things you learned in school

List stories, movies, series’ that are about or set in a school setting

Today’s wheel spin rolls…

If you do colour it then be sure to tag me so I can see it.

Try using the word of the day sometime this week.
Thanks to everyone who joined in today. See you next week.
See the next theme HERE

Saturday/Sunday, Aug 21-22

“I am your dwarf. I am the enemy within. I am the boss of your dreams. See. Your hand shakes. It is not palsy or booze. It is your doppelganger trying to get out. Beware.” Anne Sexton

“They say that when you meet somebody that looks just like you, you die.” P. Wish

Today’s writing prompt spins… above and below.

Sending out well wishes to Mena and her husband today. xo

Sentence Stems for Writing Warmup

If I had a doppelganger I would get them to…

My alternate universe/reality doppelganger would be…

Today’s spin was a Believe Card

Goth Family post apocalyptic doppelganger micro story panels will post soon.

Saturday/Sunday, Aug. 14-15

Saturday and Sunday were tied together with the theme of HOT that aligns with the Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenge. Find out more if you would be interested in joining this month with your short story.

If you can use the word “febrile” in your story, a new Sim in CAS, or micro-simlit (a single image with a few lines of text that tell a story) then tag me and use #minraedminis as the hashtag.
Keep scrolling for the prompts and inspirations shared over the two weekend streams.

Saturday’s spin of inspiration wheel…

Today’s creative spark came from using the first submission for the HOT #minraedminis, Lady Valentina and the home that I gave her in stream today.

words that either mean hot or are used to describe hot in metaphorical ways maybe helpful

Then continued on Sunday…

Sunday, August 1st – first stream

I am not exactly sure when I knew I would actually streaming, but I went from no intention at all to full out planning. I’m glad I did it. So thank you everyone for your initial support as I get the feel for it all. Wish me luck on this journey

My first trial adventure was to share the plumbobber app that I so love as a way of starting off character creation. When I participated in the Plumbobber Sims challenges before it was the character that jump-started the story. Today the community helped me create this cutie patootie. She is in the gallery and you can find more about her HERE

Find out more about what the Plumbobber App can do for your creativity HERE
I was introduced to this through a challenge held by Oneyeka001 on WordPress

Dorian Jagger

Dorian was created for #GLovelyQCC challenge – Quick Creativity CAS challenge – Sims books theme.
She is available in my gallery under ID Minraed or #GLovelyQCC – Sulani Summer Vacation (with a twist)

Follow GLovely on Twitter @lovely1_g , but the official challenge is hosted in the Sims forums HERE –  Quick Creativity CAS Challenge  GLovelysQCC — The Sims Forums

Dorian is a notorious, but loveable rogue. He takes no sides and he isn’t afraid to play the part, fake his loyalties, or anything else to make a few credits. So how is it that a galactic privateer ends up here in his home town of Sulani?
He wasn’t uninitiated when it came to suspicious “legitimate” jobs, but this time he let his guard down and found himself in a bit of trouble when one faction’s mole dragged him down.
Returning to Sulani isn’t a permanent solution, but it definitely isn’t the first place his pursuers will be looking for him. In the meantime he is just enjoying the vacation time and making like a local to blend in.
Sadly, every vacation comes to an end and with every day he lingers the chances of being found increase. But not to worry because Dorian has a plan. He knows of a place that he can go to lay low and no one will ever look for him. He has purchased some farmland in Bagley so once again he pivots, takes on the persona of a friendly, simple-living farmer and is ready for his next adventure. Who knows, chicken farming and a simpler life may be exactly what he is looking for. If not, well at least he has a hideaway to run to when he needs to lay low.

Murkland Challenge Table of Contents

Murkland Challenge #1 – New Arrival

Synopsis of Challenge #1 HERE if you just want a recap.

chapter 1 – Dreams of Angels
chapter 2 – Lessons of Life, Friends and Trash
chapter 3 – Shaken, Rattled and Stirred
chapter 4 – Initiation Rites
chapter 5 – Lessons in Gluttony
chapter 6 – Adventures in Foraging
chapter 7 – Jackpot at the Gym
chapter 8 – Watchers be Watching
chapter 9 – A Quick Nightcap
chapter 10 – When Life Gives You Lemons
Interlude #1 Cosima’s “The Before”
chapter 11 – Who are the Vardos?
chapter 12 – Meanwhile, at the Vardo
chapter 13 – Close Encounters of the Vardo Kind
Sidetrack – A Really Weird Night
chapter 14 – You Get By with a Little Help From Your Friends
chapter 15 – Gifts from Rain
chapter 16 The Cosima Continuum
Interlude #2 – Tymeless Love part 1, Tymeless Love part 2
chapter 17 – (pre) Determined
chapter 18 – Them be some Mad Mercantile Skills
chapter 19 – The Path to Wellness
chapter 20 – Work Ethics
chapter 21 – A Plan as Mad as a Mudder
chapter 22 – These Things take Aeons to grow
chapter 23 – Building Alliances
chapter 24 – It’s Official
Interlude #3 – Guitar Hero ( part 1 , part 2 , part 3 )
Interlude #4 – Cosima’s Community Consortium ( Fred, Uma, Mud, Cade, Brenna)

What’s Left of the Gym Challenge Prelude

chapter 25 – Fun and Games
chapter 26 – Planning the Plan
Interlude 5 – A Very Vardo Adventure ( part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6,  (last chapter) part 7.
chapter 27 – Vardo Family Rendezvous
chapter 28 – Dusty’s Big Day
chapter 29 – Let the Dust Settle
chapter 29 addendum – Meanwhile, Dusty Reconnects

Murkland Challenge #2 – What’s Left of the Gym

chapter 30 – Back to Work
sidetrack – Murkland Chili Cookoff – Round One: Scruffy Crabtree vs Majo Mud
chapter 31 – Bugged Out
chapter 32 – Bugs and Brews
chapter 33 – Give Me a Break
chapter 34 – Physical Therapy
chapter 35 – Outdoor (not so) Enthusiast
chapter 36 – The Deal is Sealed

Dial M for Mudder

Created for the Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenge hosted by LisabeeSims HERE
When it comes time to vote please read all of the stories submitted before voting.
Credits and notes at the end of the story.
(oh the glaring spelling mistakes I didn’t catch during proof reading, ug)
I recently watched the show Behind Her Eyes, which also inspired bits of this.