Created for the Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenges hosted by Lisabeesims. We are a little story telling community that would love to see new writers joining in. Get more info and read the other stories at the end of the month HERE.
There is usually a readers choice poll that I will link and encourage reading all of the submissions.

It’s HOT

Created for the Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenge
More info can be found HERE

I was very much inspired by the two days in my Twitch stream where we discussed many variations of the HOT theme. Also… you have to know about these amazing pets meticulously hand painted by Pugowned.

Sunday, August 1st – first stream

I am not exactly sure when I knew I would actually streaming, but I went from no intention at all to full out planning. I’m glad I did it. So thank you everyone for your initial support as I get the feel for it all. Wish me luck on this journey

My first trial adventure was to share the plumbobber app that I so love as a way of starting off character creation. When I participated in the Plumbobber Sims challenges before it was the character that jump-started the story. Today the community helped me create this cutie patootie. She is in the gallery and you can find more about her HERE

Find out more about what the Plumbobber App can do for your creativity HERE
I was introduced to this through a challenge held by Oneyeka001 on WordPress

Landfill Hill

The initial motivation for this was as a National Park for SimMichele’s monthly challenge, but since I was late for that I decided to continue working on it and now it has become my submission for the Murkspiration #murkydaze – Summertime In Murkland
More info about Murkland and Hamich can be found at the end.

Dial M for Mudder

Created for the Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenge hosted by LisabeeSims HERE
When it comes time to vote please read all of the stories submitted before voting.
Credits and notes at the end of the story.
(oh the glaring spelling mistakes I didn’t catch during proof reading, ug)
I recently watched the show Behind Her Eyes, which also inspired bits of this.