Interlude: Tymeless Love – part 2

Part two of the side story revealing a bit more about Wind and Sand Vardo’s past and his connection with Cosima. Featuring his adorable baby girl, his light and dream, Ocean and Sand. (The inspiration for the name came from my wanting to name her after both parents in some way. Ocean for Tics favorite colour and the quote from one Dracula movie “I have crossed oceans of time for you” and the saying “Sands of Time”.)

28 b29 we are pregnant30 chi and dreams31 mama in dreams32 time to move33 just in time34 not much time35 baby girl36 cannot separate37 telling stories38 no book stories39 why dwess40 dada diper41 why swim on grass42 another on the way43 quantum44 so different45 cry about dresses46 so embarassing47 i love it48 bye49 i have to go too50 hug51 all in time

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Credit notes: The home lot used here is Brennachan’s Caravan Huckleberry 

Chapter 21 (pt1)

Uh oh, what is Cosima up to? Is it a good idea to be getting into business with these Mad Mudders? She seems to be confident that it will all work out.

(some continuity challenges here – you may notice a change in the level of Murkiness in Cosima and Fuel towards the end, but I was too lazy to photoshop some dirt onto them, so ya, just use your imagination there 😉

mad as a mudder title 2020
3-4 2 at your service
3-4 3 how can we assist
3-4 4 don't scowl
3-4 5 where were we
3-4 6 all clear
3-4 7 consider yourself warned
3-4 8 in here
3-4 9 here's the deal
3-4 10 partners
3-4 11 slow down
3-4 12 ok
3-4 13 talk business
3-4 14 wanna hang
3-4 15 thanks fuel
3-4 16 anytime
3-4 17 muscle
3-4 18 i have a plan
3-4 19 watching us
3-4 20 i am in

this was a long one so Part 2 is HERE