Will You Be My Mother?

Will You Be My Mother title w banner

The following story was created for submission to the Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenge The May theme was “Mothers/Mothering” . At the end there are some notes on the Easter Eggs in this story from my main Murkland storyline. 

1 Will you be...2 infected , sorry3 mudder mister will you be4 don't cry all over my floor5 veegan will you be6 we will call you dusty7 will you be my mama8 you are welcome here

Easter Eggs

If you read my main story lines you will see the connections here:

  • The little girl is a child version of Dusty Boots, a sim created by Brennachan as an optional character to start your Murkland challenge.
  • This story is like a prelude of sorts – it will tie into my current story line when you meet Dusty Boots as a late teen/young adult.
  • Veegan smells because, well, everyone in Murkland pretty much smells. They are under strict water rations.
  • Veegan offers Dusty granola and calls her Pup. There are just fun little things that show up between him and Cosima.
  • The nice older lady, she is the Vardo brother’s mama. She shows up in my interlude story – Tymeless Love. This will tie in more to future story lines too so stay tuned.

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