Will You Be My Mother?

The following story was created for submission to the Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenge The May theme was “Mothers/Mothering” . At the end there are some notes on the Easter Eggs in this story from my main Murkland storyline. 

1 Will you be...
2 infected , sorry
3 mudder mister will you be
4 don't cry all over my floor
5 veegan will you be
6 we will call you dusty
7 will you be my mama
8 you are welcome here

Easter Eggs

If you read my main story lines you will see the connections here:

  • The little girl is a child version of Dusty Boots, a sim created by Brennachan as an optional character to start your Murkland challenge.
  • This story is like a prelude of sorts – it will tie into my current story line when you meet Dusty Boots as a late teen/young adult.
  • Veegan smells because, well, everyone in Murkland pretty much smells. They are under strict water rations.
  • Veegan offers Dusty granola and calls her Pup. There are just fun little things that show up between him and Cosima.
  • The nice older lady, she is the Vardo brother’s mama. She shows up in my interlude story – Tymeless Love. This will tie in more to future story lines too so stay tuned.

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