Castaway Todd

castaway storyline title

The following story was created specifically for submission to the Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenge. At the end of the month there will be polls for readers to vote for their faves, but we ask that you read ALL submissions before voting. 

Part 1 – Let’s Meet Todd (see author’s notes at the end for more details about where this is going)
Part 2 and Part 3 make up this series. 

1 Go away2 taking care of ME3 daydreams4 on the boat5 washed ashore6 whre am i7 taking inventory8 this isn't so bad afterall

Credits: Island Living Yacht by amitaliri is in The Sims 4 Gallery. While not showcased well here, it is definitely worth checking out. 

Author’s Notes: This is the start of a series that will grow from this submission.

Step 1 – seen here – create a new character and upload it to the gallery. Create the backstory for this character. FIND TODD HERE in the gallery as Castaway Todd

Step 2 – READ HERE– I will select one of the characters from another writer’s character introduction and will incorporate that Sim into this storyline as an antagonist (creating tension or conflict for Todd)

Step 3 – a third character will be added to the storyline as a protagonist (a supporting character that may help to resolve or smooth over the tension or conflict) 

I have ideas brewing already!

Bonus Bio – Meet Castaway Todd (I purposely left him very open for interpretation.)

Castaway Todd Bio

the real ct

18 thoughts on “Castaway Todd

  1. I love how the baseball bat is sticking out of the rubbish pile as he’s making a list of his “treasured belongings.” Todd doesn’t seem to be bothered that he’s a cast-a-way. Love him.

  2. Wait, he ran *away* from the catastrophic apocalyptic event? I can’t relate to this man at all. On a more serious note, this is a great premise. Whoever chooses Todd as a protagonist has their work cut out for them, but it’d be a fun worldbuilding experience!

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