Castaway Todd- part 3

CT cover 3

The following story was created specifically for submission to the Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenge. At the end of the month there will be polls for readers to vote for their faves, but we ask that you read ALL submissions before voting

part 1 is HERE if you missed it and Part 2 – A Grey Day in Paradise  is HERE

1 trust me get into the water2 floating3 calling Naia4 Naia hears the call5 you stay there6 i will help7. are you certain8 azure do you acept9 azure accepts10 magical light11 transformation12 Veronica swims off


Author’s Notes: This is part 3 of 3 based on a three month challenge collaborating by using the Sims created by others in the SimLit Monthly Challenge group. 

Step 1 – READ HERE– create a new character and upload it to the gallery. Create the backstory for this character. FIND TODD HERE in the gallery as Castaway Todd

Step 2 – READ HERE – I selected Veronica Grey, one of the characters from another writer’s character introduction to incorporate as an antagonist (creating tension or conflict for Todd) (as per the rules – 673 words, 10 images)

Step 3 – I added Naia, Siren of Vengeance created by DarkChadmeister as a protagonist (a supporting character that may help to resolve or smooth over the tension or conflict and as per the rules 1200 words or less, max 12 images)


Then.. several years in the future…




15 thoughts on “Castaway Todd- part 3

  1. Wow, I really love this! Veronica joining Naia by becoming a mermaid makes perfect sense! Love the last shot of Veronica and her son swimming as creatures of the sea.

    • I am so glad you like it. It is always strange to see our own creations being used in ways we didn’t maybe think of them. And using someone else’s sim makes me feel weird too a bit. I really had fun with this and I will be keeping this group in my Murkland Universe as Guardians of the Islands – protecting against whatever that apocalypse is going on out there, and keeping away all trespassers that would be thinking of harming the environment here in any way. I have too many stories in my head, not enough time

    • Thank you Lisa. For liking it AND for this entire idea. It really did break me out of my usual routine AND gave me an entire new faction of characters for my Murkland Universe. These will be the Guardians of the Islands – protecting against all who would seek to destroy this beautiful environment and protecting against the apocalypse that is going on out there

  2. This was lovely! You’ve got a great way of telling so much of the story through the screencaps, and having the words directly on the pictures really drew me in.

    • Thank you. I was really happy with the photos this chapter. This is, as you can tell, my style because I have always been drawn to the photography possibilities in the game. I also do this because it suits my own sometimes inability to focus on reading, so I try to let the pictures tell much of the story.

  3. The pictures were so beautiful. You do such a wonderful job of showing your story. You incorporated all these characters seamlessly into your story. I’m so glad you included that final picture. After the story ended, I was wondering what happened to Todd! It was good to see he was still there and doing ok. Great ending!

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