A Very Vardo Adventure – Welcome Home

And here our side story of Mount and Snow’s apocalyptic adventure comes to a close and the adventures of the young rescued survivors is just beginning. Cosima and Rain arrive at their destination where she will finally get to meet his parents.

115 Windenburg title slide116 weather station117 from afar118 happy to see you119 the little ones120 autumn and willow121 exhausted122 thats the story123 what an ordeal124 our stop125 nervous126 hard seats127 after you

(so ya, apparently the bus got too hot and Cosima decided to take off her sweater and hat along the way)

So this wraps up our little side story. We will go back to our main track story line where Cosima and Rain gather up young Dusty Boots and bring her back for her first adventure in making it on her own. Return to the next chapter of the main storyline HERE

Credits (links to follow, I have to dig a bit to find them)

London Bus – very modified for this, but really awesome in it’s original form.

A big awesome caravan compound that I have had in my Murkland game for so long and I forget where I got it, but I will try to find out so I can properly credit the creator.

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