Cosima’s First Simsmas

This story was created within my Murkland Universe, but written for the Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenge hosted by Lisabee Sims HERE. (as per rules ~850 words, 15 images)

Credits and more information can be found at the end of the story.

13 thoughts on “Cosima’s First Simsmas

  1. I love your Simsmas history and the murky universe it takes place in ❤️
    I am always very fascinated by your personal visual expression that emerges when you merge photo and text into an inseparable image 🤩

    • Oh my goodness, Mona, thank you for those words. I honestly do this 95% for my own amusement, but when I know that someone else enjoys it I can’t deny that it makes me smile. Happy simsmas.

      • Being creative for your own sake is an important reason.
        It’s a wonderful side benefit if it can please others.
        Happy simsmas to you! 🎄

  2. The contrast between the desert and the mountains is beautiful. Those screenshots are gorgeous. I love all the details you put into your settings. Your Murkland world feels so full. There’s so much history and culture in it. I felt Cosima on that mountain. I live in Texas and visited my sister who lives in the mountains of Colorado two Februarys ago. It was snowing and so cold I thought I was going to die after 5 minutes. Lol

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