The Fool and the Frog

Created for the Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenge hosted by LisabeeSims HERE
Please read all of the stories before voting HERE
Credits and notes at the end of the story.

18 thoughts on “The Fool and the Frog

  1. What a lovely story – Loved the cute jests and trickery that went into wooing Heqet ♥️
    Was that my little chubby Mondo playing the role of the monarch’s favourite merperson? 🤩

    • Yes, that was him. Thank you for the comments. I enjoyed the fairy tale style as this came together and now Heqet has her mate just like she was created for in PB. I think there is more of a story here.

  2. I love the look of the Amphibiopeds in both their forms. This was such a cute story! You’re really good at creating original fairy tales, and fantastic, colorful worlds that they inhabit.

    • Thank you so much. For reading and for the comments. I have fancied myself a writer for some time, but it is a combination of practice and just the right inspiration and I’ve been feeling so much inspiration from this group and the sims community lately. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  3. I loved this. Such a beautiful ending. I’ve never heard of Amphibiopeds? I hope I got that right lol. I love mythical creatures, I will have to research them

  4. Oh, wow, I wasn’t able to see that coming! How adorable! To be fair, “the monarch asked me to gather clams” does sound like a paper-thin excuse to go to the beach, given that a ruler would have to be kinda nuts to delegate gathering tasks to a court entertainer.

    Your screenshots with all the random things going on crack me up every time. Of the background details here, my favorite were the random chair chilling in the background of the monarch reveal shot and the merman being totally unimpressed by the forearm scorpion. On the contrary, I’m very impressed that he’s not falling over (with that alignment?!) and also that he was able to transition into this pose from a one-arm handstand. And also that boy why are you wearing those shoes to the beach.

    A+ character design as well! You didn’t even have to clarify in the text that she was the frog, the design did all the work. Very slick. As for Knemu’s introduction where he looks like a lamp, I assume you fell over laughing when you took that screenshot and then kept it in.

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